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    Due to Popular Demand, This website will from July 2023 focus on Amateur Radio and the attainment of the necessary skills and knowledge to obtain an Amateur Radio license in Southern Africa.

    It provides a tool to supplement the learning process and the training provided by Amateur Radio Clubs which offer an RAE course.

    The Website features a database of Amateur Radio-related questions and a mechanism to conduct practice tests and measure your level of competency.

    The Built-in Learning Engine is no longer free but attracts a once-off Registration fee of R150.00

    Payment details are in the Amateur Radio section.

    Funds received are applied to the running and development costs of the organization and not to the pursuit of profit.

    The site is in the process of a major redevelopment and aims to provide online exams within the foreseeable future.

    Amateur Radio remains a fundamental aspect of any disaster recovery strategy and is an absorbing and interesting hobby.

    The question-and-answer database has been upgraded in early 2024

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    A Communications Strategy

    Rumours and Fake news are the inevitable consequence of a catastrophe which severs main communication channels such as Cell Phones, Land Lines, Commercial radio and, Television. Here amateur radio, ham radio, and organisations such as Hamnet form a vital link back to reality.

    Amateur Radio

    In a catastrophe, the need for an alternative communications strategy follows clearly from the above, and amateur radio is the recommended resource component of a comprehensive self-preservation strategy.  To this end, the site encourages members to procure the knowledge and licensing to operate an amateur radio station. See Ham Study in the main menu for tools available.

    Practice Test Index

    Registration and a once-off payment of R150 will give you access to this site's Learning Module( Exam Index) which is designed to help you pass the RAE exam and legal access to a Ham Radio License. You can pay by EFT or through PayFast.

    Support and Participate

    We are in need of Moderators and Contributors who can add to the Question database or Moderate answers Please contact us.There is also an opportunity for industry-related advertisers.




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