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The proliferation of electric fence systems in urban residential South Africa is a sad reflection of just how frequently the residential domain is breached by unwelcome visitors. Sad thing is that an electric fence is not a foolproof perimeter defence and it will also eventually fail in an extended period without AC power unless its power source is solar.

In the event of one not having an electric fence or in a period of extended power disruption or jus I as an extra defence mechanism in a period of high threat, some additional or alternative measure are wise.

Forewarned is Forearmed and one of the most elementary survivalist steps one should take is to define and secure a safe zone, be that your house or the area around your dwelling or even your tent.

There are now a number of standalone or battery powered or rechargeable beam alarm systems and these are at last becoming affordable. Still, not a low-cost solution and you are looking at around R8k for a basic system. They can be mounted on a wall or trees or fences and are now quite sophisticated in avoiding false alarms triggered by pets and birds.

The RoboGuard solution is wireless, comes ready to set- is designed for the outdoors, can be set-up in a matter of minutes, is completely portable and is pet-friendly.

Each RoboGuard covers 110 degrees and up to 20 meters and sends an instant warning to a Portable HQ Receiver in the event of a breach of up to 8 zones per Portable HQ Receiver… the system uses top and bottom dual beam technology.

At the very affordable end of the market comes a simple but effective device called a Bang-A-Alert. Easy to install and priced at around R350, this is highly affordable.

It’s a simple tripwire device triggering a Hilti type blank and can be installed on almost any sturdy surface. It requires no maintenance and emits a loud bang when activated.

It can also be installed at a height that will avoid children and pets.

There is a similar product available from

I would recommend installing at least 3 so as to triangulate your safe zone but that’s just my opinion.

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