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We Prepare enthusiastically supports the Licencing of all Amateur Radio Operators. It is a smart thing to do. To operate legally and make use of repeaters etc, you need a License and you need to pass an Exam.

To help you pass that RAE Exam this site contains a series of practice tests that are designed to test and develop your knowledge.

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Inputs Welcome

We are still in the development phase and if you wish to join us  as a Content Provider or Moderator then please contact us: kelvin@reynoldsbcs.co.za

We invite experienced hams to submit questions and make suggestions or load articles to the knowledge database, There is an internal QC and Approval cycle so your inputs will be reviewed first before going into the live diabase...

Content Providers/Moderators will be given special access rights and be able to upload questions to the question database as well as access to the mock exams.

Content Source

There are more than 700 questions loaded in the question database. The vast majority of questions are those originating from old or existing ZA RAE revision questions that are in the public domain. In some cases, these may have been slightly reworded.

There is now also a selection of supplementary questions that are sourced from other HAREC Standard countries such as Malaysia and finally, a small number that are unique or borrowed. You may not always agree with the answers and you are free to log your inputs but please reference the flashing question ID and not just the question number.

There are now an increasing number of questions that have explanations in the answer section and graphics.

Aptitude Test

If you're even thinking about qualifying as a HAM, then why not try out the free Ham Radio Basics Test which will give you an indication of what is required ahead. Do it a few times and you will see how quickly you gain knowledge. Also, Register and you will get access to the downloadable material that is already on the site.

Leaders Board

For each test and for each registered user, your results are stored and kept on your profile, you are also automatically entered into the Leader Board for that Test ( only the Top 10 current results). This enables you to compare your results with others. These results are periodically ( every 90 days ) refreshed to create space and scope for each new intake of RAE learners. This purely for fun.

Please Help

If our website helped you pass your HAM test successfully, please consider making a small donation to help cover the development and hosting costs.Even a few Dollars helps me cover costs. It would be much appreciated.

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