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Where are the payment details?

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How do I Access the practice tests in the Training module?

You first need to Register on this website and then Activate your membership. Thereafter you need to make a payment and advise us that you have done so. Once you have advised us of your payment, your membership status is upgraded by our admin( usually within 24 hrs) and then you can access on the Main Menu under Ham Study the items called Test Index. Scroll down to find the first practice Test.

What is the purpose of this training module?

The purpose of this module is to provide prospective amateur radio enthusiasts and RAE students in South Africa with a tool to assist them with passing the RAE exam. Passing the RAE Exam is the minimum requirement to have a call sign and operate legally with the designated amateur radio frequencies. It does not replace the need to attend classes and the need for practical exercises but it substantially improves your chances of passing the exam. It is here to help grow the number of amateur radio enthusiasts.

We have helped hundreds of newcomers to the hobby and continue to update and add to the question bank.

We are aware of a few Hams in remote locations that are unable to attend lectures ( far away from a local club) that have used this tool to successfully prepare themselves for the RAE exam but this is indeed not the recommended way of doing things!

What was the motivation for developing this module?

The module was developed by a then-RAE student who was inspired by the dedication and enthusiasm of his local club’s lecturers but at the same time was intimidated by the large volume of study material and the complexity( especially the technical aspects) thereof. This module was designed to help gain knowledge and confidence to complete the task of passing the RAE exam. The project began in 2017 and has been done in partnership with a software company.

Where can I get more information about becoming an amateur radio operator and the RAE exam?

You are encouraged to visit the SARL website at http://www.sarl.org.za/default.asp and you are furthermore advised to contact your local amateur radio club.

There are many clubs and sure to be one close to your home.

How many questions are in the question bank?

There are more than 800 questions in the question bank and there are 5 different practice tests ranging from a Beginners Test to simulated RAE Exams. Questions are regularly being added and the quality of answers is upgraded. The DMR section is the newest addition.

Are all the questions and answers in the question bank sourced from the official SARL syllabus?

Mostly Yes

Each answer indicates a source. eg RAE, RAE Malaysia, In-House. etc.

Where indicated as an RAE test-the answer is  Yes!  There are however some Tests that are NOT RAE  and that is indicated.

Many of the questions are identical to the revision questions in the published RAE (2016 version or before) material but a number thereof have been reworded or corrected for grammar and punctuation without changing the essence thereof. Not all the published revision questions available have been loaded yet and there are a number of questions that are from RAE exams in other countries.

Note: The answers to SA-sourced RAE questions are not in the public domain and those in use have been obtained from a variety of sources including actual student notes, and lecturers.

Where not indicated RAE - these questions are from other sources, individuals or in-house developed.

What Tests are currently active?

All listed under Test Index under the heading Ham Study

Ham Radio Basics- Just Basic stuff and a good aptitude test. The best place to start out when you are a beginner.

*RAE- Technical- Here there are short tests and long exam level tests.

*RAE- Procedures and Regulations.Short tests and long exam level tests

Ham General- Advanced- For experienced Hams and just for fun.

Digital Mobile Radio- An introduction to this emerging technology

What if I disagree with the suggested answers?

There are indeed some questions and some answers from the available RAE material that are contentious. You are free to comment and disagree. At the end of each Test answer sheet, there is an opportunity to comment or give feedback. If you wish to give feedback, Please reference the flashing Q ID when referring back to the specific question and not the number of the question in your test. 

Are the Test/Exam questions changed or updated?

Each test is refreshed sequentially and formulated randomly from the database that is periodically adjusted for the degree of difficulty. So you won't get exactly the same test each time.

All questions are graded from Beginner through to Intermediate and then Advanced. As a default, about 20% of questions are at a beginner level and the balance is a mix of intermediate and advanced level questions.

Can I participate, contribute or act as a Moderator?

Yes indeed. The software back-end is designed to allow contribution and external participation. Should you wish to participate then contact the site owners.

The project is entirely self-funded and it is hoped, at some point to attract sponsors to assist with ongoing running costs.

What does RAE stand for?

Radio Amateur Exam. This is a fairly common entrance exam for Radio Amateurs throughout the world. The South African version is harmonised with the similar exam across our ITU region and hence you will see the same or similar study material and exam questions being used in many countries.RAE students are prospective radio amateurs who attend classes and receive tuition ahead of the RAE exam which is held twice a year. The  South African Class A examination is based on the CEPT Harmonised Amateur Radio Examination Certificate (HAREC) syllabus and is recognised by all CEPT countries (this includes most European countries) and some non-CEPT countries for the purpose of obtaining an amateur radio license or reciprocal operating privileges.

What is CEPT and what does it do?

Member Nations of the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT) all share the same amateur radio reciprocal licensing requirements. 

The following countries outside of Europe also participate in CEPT Recommendation 

Netherlands Antilles
New Zealand
South Africa
The United States


The Question Bank /Ham Exam Prep module uses a software framework. What are its features?

The software module (Training and Exam module from XMS systems) has many features, some of which are not yet in use with the Ham Exam Prep project. In its simplest form, the module has the ability to store questions and provide from 2 ( Yes or No) to 5 possible answers. It makes provision for the correct answer to be explained and this explanation can include a graphic or image. It provides for a reference or source and allows for a user feedback action. Each Question has a unique question ID ( flashing) which appears in the answer sheet.

Does the Ham Exam Module have the support or endorsement of the SARL?

The Ham Exam Prep module is a private initiative and is simply a tool to help those interested in the hobby to pass the initial RAE exam. It is free till now but that has changed in after 6 years and a small Registration Fee is required. This is used to pay hosting costs and site maintenance. Details of participants are not made use of by any third party. It has the support of a number of licensed radio amateurs but has no official status. In 2019 it received the recognition when its author was the recipient of the Anode Award of the West Rand Amateur Radio Club for the role that the website has played in contributing to the recruitment of new hams.In 2023 again, The SARL awarded the author an Award in recognition of its contribution to RAE recruitment and promotion.