Welcome to the Learning and Development Module

Getting Started with your selected Field of Study, this is important background.

Built-in Conjunction with XMS Systems Content Management and Hosting and selected pilot Content Providers, this platform is ideal for the Corporate, Club or Group wishing to educate or develop the knowledge of a community with the content of a particular subject.- almost any subject. Also, an ideal tool to familiarise staff with Policy & Procedures. Content Providers simply load the subject material and provide possible answers. Can be done with multiple sources of input content providers.

Example of Certificates you could earn
Example Certificate

 The question bank has in total just over 550 individual questions. The ultimate target is to have in excess of 600 questions available.

The aim of the development is to provide a Learning and Development tool for aspirant students to advance their knowledge or prepare for an upcoming external exam

Through repetitive use, the tool will reinforce your current knowledge and teach you additional things. It also lets you know how you are doing instantly.

It has short tests and long tests as well as Mock exams.


Participation is free and Registration is not a prerequisite although it is helpful to us if you do Register so that we can (and you ) , track your results.

Try It Out!

To Test your skills and once registered and upgraded, go straight to TEST INDEX

There are entry-level tests and advanced tests. Even qualified experts can try out their skills.

If it helps you pass your exam then we have achieved our objective.

It's fun and will improve your knowledge. Participate in the Leader Boards and earn bragging rights.

If you are still stuck see FAQ-Test Index


For approved Content Providers, you may also help us by taking the Tests yourself so we can together gauge their degree of difficulty and also identify mistakes and typos.


Becoming an approved Content Provider

If you are an experienced subject material expert,or a lecturer and want to participate directly in formulating or moderating the question bank then:

  1. Become an approved Content Provider, you need to first register on the site
  2. On application, We will then grant the necessary access rights and notify you via email

Once approved Click “Login” at the top of any page to login to the website

Once logged in, click “(Admin)” to gain access to managing the questions


Adding Questions

Taking practise tests.