HF Multiband Antenna Field (ANT 009)
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WINDCAMP WA-4 HF Portable Windom Antenna 4 bands 7/14/28/50MHz 

Can be used as both Horizontally or as an offset inverted V


Band: 40m/20m/10m/6m

SWR: ≤2.0

Input Impedance: 50 Ohm

Power: 100W,  PEP

Oscillator Material: 16 # AWG stranded copper wires of the Irradiator

Outlet: SL16

Barron: 4:1 Balun

Package Size: 230 × 170 × 80mm

Weight: 0.695Kg

Erection of ways:

The level of erection

Cable-stayed erection

Inverted V erected

Package include:

Antenna assembly x 1

Balun x 1

Stuff Sack x 1

Lexan Winding Frame x 1

Extension terminals x 1 SET

Manual x 1

RRP: R995.00


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