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To the RAE students who qualified in late 2017, our congratulations and we hope you are enjoying your new hobby.

Ham Exam Prep is proud to have helped many of you pass and we hope you will continue to spread the word about the benefits of using our site to the new batch of students.

We have continued to add new questions and have also decided to move our main development site to https://www.weprepare.co.za. This site will have space for us to add more amateur radio type features and a few new features are already up and running.  

If you were registered on the Radio Reynolds site then all your details including your Login/Password have been activated on the new site. You just need to Login and carry on where you left off.

One of the first new development on the We Prepare site is a frequency checker where you can enter any frequency and immediately see where conflicts arise. This feature will in time also allow you to enter interesting frequencies that you find out there while surfing through the “airways”.

The new site is themed on the Urban Survivalist and this may resonate with some of you who have an interest in the subject. This is about is about common sense preparation for those reasonably probable events which may disrupt everyday living. Interesting stuff!

The role of amateur radio is an obvious link to this theme.

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